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How to hire a cleaner

17th June

To make your job standout and attract the right applicants, there are a few points you need to bear in mind. First it is necessary to understand what your ideal staff profile looks like. This understanding will inform your job descriptions. Here are a few guidelines

1. Staff personality

Your staff will represent your brand when you are not there, so you want to make sure you set out the right from the onset. If your clients are corporate organisations who prefer things done in a particular manner, then your staff need to be able to follow a routine that will ensure everything on their schedule is done as specified by the client. This level of workmanship may require a professional cleaner with X years of experience. You may also need to ensure they have additional skills such as organisational so that they can leave the cleaned rooms in the best layout for the client to come to the next. You also want to bear in mind that while not all candidates will have your required skill in them, it is possible to train them to match your requirement. In this case you want to be looking out for a “can-do” attitude.

2. Be open about what you are looking for

You can save yourself a lot of time by stating out everything the job entails. For example, if a candidate needs their car for their job or they need a DBS certification, they need to know before applying as some applicant will not be able to meet the specific job requirement. By clearly stating all the job requirements as much as possible from the beginning you will cut out pointless interviews and save yours and the candidates time.

3. Why should they work for you

A good cleaner is hard to find so you want to pitch your business to them. You need them as much as they need you, so tell them about any perks they will receive at work. Some employers have a bonus scheme, some employers give days off on the staff birthday. Whatever benefit you may have in place, make it clear.

4. Career progression

While it is not true that every cleaner wants to become a manager or a supervisor, majority want to know your intention for them should stay with you for 6 months or 1 year. They want to know if they will be on minimum wage for the duration of their employment, what promotions they should expect if they meet the company’s standards.


There are many more things to consider before making your job application live. Make sure you are very clear on who you are looking for so that your recruitment experience is as smooth as possible.


Happy hiring!

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