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Servisory is the Act and the Heart of a Great Service . We strongly believe that the way to grow any business sustainably is by improving the workforce. Most service based organisations with poor performance can easily be resolved with good management and a professional workforce. These are what we set out to achieve with Servisory.


Hope in difficult time

In the wake of the global pandemic Servisory is launching at a time where many may have lost their jobs and wondering how they will get back into employment. We see an upside potential with Servisory offering many a new and rewarding route of employment in the manual labour industry. Servisory is the home to a variety of jobs that do not necessarily need a university or college degree but are highly important to the welfare of our society.

Work when you want

With a variety of jobs from private listing to business listings, Servisory provides you with the choice of where you want to work and when. We hope this will help you manage your family and personal time beter.

Extra income

There is nothing wrong in having more than 1 job, Servisory is here for you when you need an extra source of income.


Find high quality workforce

Servisory is designed to link employers and employees together in the manual labour industry. With a focus on the manual labour market, Servisory stands out from other job sites where you may find it hard to find the perfect staff for your business. We are aiming to build a strong emphasis on professionalism and good workmanship across the platform so that an applicant you receive from your job applications.

Improve staff engagement

Engaging your workforce regularly as a team will strengthen their commitment to their job and to your organisation Servisory staff engagement tool will open an array of useful relationship building tools that are not common to the manual labour industry.

Staff management

Servisory offers your business a better way to manage your workforce when it comes to training, improving performance and ongoing assessment of the quality of work they produce. A properly trained workforce gives any business the edge over their competition. This feature will simplify your staff training, reporting and documentation process and make your life that little bit easier.

Business development

Servisory is free to use. Employers will also be able to complete their company profile where they can promote their business to potential clients and accept job bookings.

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Use Servisory to recruit your top level management and supervisor's all the way to your entry roles.

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