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Servisory business directory is free to use. It is a perfect place to start growing your business and to ensure that your new business has a profile that your customers can visit you on. It will take you about 10 minutes to set up your business profile on Servisory. Once you have verified your free account, you are free to start building your business profile.

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Send a quick reply to customers’s online enquiry. Your messaging centre helps you to keep a list of all your customer enquiries for you to follow up on them. Keeping a tab of your online conversations with potential customers helps you to learn more about your customers so that you met their future needs.

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Customers need to know about your business services and your reputation before they commit to your service. Your business profile represents your business in front of your customers. For free you can:

  • Build your own profile page
  • Upload photographs of you projects and successes
  • Receive customer reviews
  • Benefit from google indexing and other online growth
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Your Servisory business profile can collect customer reviews from your customers. Reviews provide your potential customers with a compelling reason to enquire about your service by showing them what other customers think about you. Your customer review is not just a powerful tool to influence consumer decision but it also strengthens your company’s credibility.

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Your Servisory business profile can replace the need for a website and if you have an existing website, it can be an extension of your business presence on the internet. You can claim your unique company profile link if it is available and share it with all your potential customers via social media and all other marketing channels.

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