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What is Servisory?

Servisory is a platform where businesses can connect with their ideal client through our online directory. Businesses can also advertise job roles and recruit their ideal candidate on our platform.

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Servisory makes it easy to find great trustworthy and professional services local to you.

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Fill your job vacancies and grow your business with the right workforce.

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Check that your applicant’s work history matches what their reference is saying about them.

Who uses Servisory?

Promote your brand with Servisory. There is never enough promotion you can achieve with your business. With Servisory your business profile page is your brand representation on a platform that is all about connecting hard working businesses like yours with "ready to buy" customers.

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Hire a worker: a great service is delivered by a dedicated team. Use Servisory free job advertising platform to reach your ideal workforce who will help you build your brand successfully.

Verify your workers work history: Save you time and money with Servisory Reference Check, a tool designed to help you to address any discrepancies between an applicant's claim and their true experience. It is inexpensive and each reference form can be Bespoke to the employer's needs. Servisory reference check tool verifies the past work experience and skills of your job applicant before you commit to hiring them.

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Find employment: Discover local jobs that suit your personal and family needs with Servisory. Search and apply for local jobs when you sign up for a free account. All job applications are saved in your account portal for your future reference.

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Servisory's free account allows users to Search for ideal business and trades services to meet their private and business needs.

Hire a worker to help with various chores at your home or you can kick start your new business with a profile page on Servisory.

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