How we help businesses find workers

1. Reach a dedicated pool of cleaners

Servisory recruitment platform is dedicated to enhancing successful recruitment for the manual labour industry. With the aim to improve the staff turnaround and improve professionalism in the cleaning sector, Servisory is a natural fit for all organisations who rely on cleaners for the upkeeps of their building.

2. Advertise cleaning jobs for Free

You will not be asked to pay for your job adverts. We want you to use our platform for free. All we ask for is your feedback in order to make the platform better.

3. Promote your business with a Free business page

Free business page for all recruiters whether you are a recruitment agency or a cleaning company or a business who recruits staff in house, you will gain the opportunity to own your own business page. This feature is coming soon

4. Receive job bookings via your business page

Receive job bookings via your business page – your business page is more than just a business directory, our job booking system allows your clients to book your services directly from your business page. This feature is coming soon.

5. Benefit from Servisory multi-channel advertising

Your business page and job listings will benefit from our vast marketing social media without you paying a penny.

6. Meet real cleaners with real experiences

The strength of Servisory is its link to real professional staff. This means better quality of workers for your business. With staff who have passion for hard work on Servisory, you have a much higher opportunity to recruit your ideal workforce.

7. Boost your staff professionalism

Boost your staff professionalism with our staff engagement features. Over time, Servisory will be adding industry specific features to the platform where your workers can remain connected with the rest of the team wherever they are, this will help to improve staff engagement. Staff engagement has long been a way to improve staff participation, which leads to a greater sense of importance by the staff. The result of a successful staff engagement programme is an improved staff performance.

8. Staff management features

Staff management features are also lined up to be added to the platform. These features are aimed at helping you manage and monitor your staff performance. Servisory management features will help you tighten the gap between your managers and your offsite workforce. This ultimately reduces negative downtime in your business.

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