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We know what it is like to recruit a new staff member, it can be time consuming and expensive. Here are 5 top tips to hiring the right candidate for your business. The list below is not exhaustive so do make sure that you access your job role carefully:

1) Know who you want

This might sound absurd but it is important to identify the right kind of person you are looking for to join your team so that you can identify them easily from the crowd. Are you a cleaning company looking for a hospitable cleaner? Maybe you can look out for candidates who have worked in the hospitality industry such as hotels, leisure centres etc. By defining your ideal candidate right from the beginning, you will be in the best position to spot them during the hiring process.

2) Job description

After noting who your ideal candidate is and describe them as best as you can. Before you write out your job advert, we recommend that you pass it by your employment law adviser to avoid breaking any law on descrimination. When hiring, it’s obviously important to find the right person for the role but you need to be fair and open about the job and the requirements for the job so that you do not mislead any potential candidate. In your description, here are a few things to consider:

a) Time and location

State clearly the times and location of work of the job. If it is spread over multiple locations, or a variable shift pattern. This information is both helpful and useful to the candidate as they can decide if the job is for them or not before they spend their time and resources applying. In turn you will have less unwanted applications.

b) Pay

As said before, it is necessary to be open about what you are going to play your new recruit. While money is not the only reason why many apply for a new job, the applicants need to know if your job will help them keep up with their bills etc. This is why it is essential to be open - Is the job a commission based job or will they bet a bonus for their hard work?

c) Security Checks

Certain roles are required to conduct a security check due to the sensitive nature of the job. Workers in schools, government organisations, nursery and many other institutions fall into this category. Does your job fall require a thorough or basic DBS (Disclosure Barring Service)or any other security check? You need to let your applicant know before they apply.

d) Experience

This is very important, you need the right person for the job. You need to be clear on who you are looking to hire. Let your applicants also know if you are open to train and develop them so that they can be adequate for the role. For example, you can train an office cleaner but you probably need an experienced cleaner to work in an hospital. The experience you require from your next applicant should have been clearly defined in stage 1.

e) Benefit and bonuses

Recruitment is a two way relationship. Your applicant needs to impress you so that you can hire them. On the other hand, you also need to impress them to let them know that their career future is safe with your organisation and it is the best place to exercise their skills. Your employee will also love to know about your welfare packages and any other benefits you offer as a reward for those staff that are prepared to go above and beyond. So, let your applicants know how much you care for them.

f) Timeline

After the application has been sent, it will be nice to let your applicants know the timeline you are working on so that they can set their expectations accordingly. You can include the final submission date, interview dates and start dates. Feel free to add other information that you think and will be useful to the applicant.

3) Advertise your job page

Once your job description is checked and you are happy it does not break any descrmination law and you have clearly stated openly all the job requirements, proceed to complete the submission process. Once you have done this, share your job URL link on your social media pages. You can also send the link by email or your chosen messaging apps to your contact who you think may want to apply for the role. Before you start sharing the job details, do check that you are not going against the GDPR regulation in the process.

4) The Interview process

Hopefully you have had a lot of applications for your job role, the next step is to short list your preferred candidates and invite them for an interview. When conducting the interview, please note that you still need to be careful not to break descrimination. Your job description should set out your interview outline for example, if you did not state in your job description that you have to conduct a mandatory DBS check on the successful applicant, the interview stage is not where to bring that up. Again be as open as possible.

5) Making a job offer

At this stage, you should have selected your candidate, let them know when they are expected to start. It is also a good idea to confirm to them all that you have already mentioned in the interview process. You should look to welcome them on board, inform them of the training programs they need to be enrolled on, let them know who their manager will be so that they can start asking work related questions before their start date.

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